Friend or bank loan? This is what we are going through

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Perhaps there are few lucky people who have never been borrowed, even though it’s a pretty delicate thing. While most of us try to avoid such situations, relatives or friends sometimes find us with such requests.

Even if we would be happy to help them with anything, they might not want to borrow money. Asking for money is unpleasant, and borrowing is risky. What is the best solution in such cases? In this article we look for the answer.

Can you easily say no if they ask you for money?


What can be done to respond to such a request so as not to be offended? Here are some ways you can get away with having to borrow money.

Borrowing money is very problematic because you do not know when you will get your borrowed money back and this uncertainty can cause stress. In the worst case, there is even the risk that you will never get the loan back. This can cause tension in the family or with our friends and can negatively affect our relationships forever.

Here are some tips on how you can learn from the awkward situation

Here are some tips on how you can learn from the awkward situation

If you are ever borrowed from you and you are not comfortable with saying no to the request, here are some tips on how you can learn from the awkward situation. While avoiding borrowing, we recommend that your friend resolve the temporary lack of money in a way that neither the lender nor the lender will. A personal loan is great for this, and out of many bank offers, you can easily select the best one with a comparative calculator .

A few words about how the calculator works and how to apply for a loan: After entering your loan amount and number of years, the calculator will list all the personal loan offers available with these options by clicking the “Search” button. Once you have the loan that best fits your criteria, you should click on the “Details” button. This will take the interested person to the bank’s website, where they will need to provide their details (usually name, phone number, email address) in order for the bank to contact him.

This goes against my principles

You can simply save yourself and say that you are not lending money to anyone because you have relationships beyond money. However, this requires a certain amount of strength, especially if the borrower is determined for the money.

A more sensible answer may be to say that you do not like having someone in debt and not lending to a friend and relative. You can also say that you have had bad experiences with lending and have never given a loan to anyone since then.