Save Money Before The Holidays – Financial Tips

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Purchase of decoration and food by December 23. Of course, this is easier said than done, but we just need to be a little more conscious, and by December our less-burdened wallet will be. Some of the food can be frozen and a significant portion of the decoration can be used next year.

Gifts don’t have to be bought at the same time: if we provide just one beloved Christmas a week from November onwards, we will have a much more financially balanced saint without any nervousness. You can save a lot of time (and sometimes some money) with online shopping and home delivery, but you need to make sure that the package is delivered on time.

Loyalty cards, coupons, promotions


For months, we have been collecting our loyalty points for good reason: we can finally redeem them! Whether you are using these or wanting to take advantage of permanent discounts, the key is to avoid losing your loyalty card before the holidays.

It is also essential to spot promotions and collect and redeem coupons… At least if you want to close the year without material bankruptcy. Not only gifts and special menus are worth thinking about here: if we can reduce our daily expenses in the 1-2 months before Christmas, it will also help the holiday budget.

Sell, not just buy

Everyone thinks about shopping and spending money on Christmas: let’s be a little smarter! We can also earn some extra revenue by selling some of what is no longer necessary to us to others who still enjoy it. Web sites and applications such as Vatera or eBay provide a great platform for this.



The main guideline: we should aim for quality instead of quantity! Big family? It’s a good idea to make a lottery like school and company celebrations: everyone is surprised by one person, which is not so financially stressful, and there is less chance of shredded, insignificant and impersonal gifts.

The latter can also be avoided by making lists for each other: so there is surprise, but also disappointment! If one of our family members wants a more expensive surprise this year (which is often the case with children), we do not have to shoulder the burden alone: ​​the family can be together and there will be a big gift under the tree instead of many small ones.

The invoice you receive with your purchases should always remain with us for a few weeks: we never know who would want to replace what you have received for something. Last tip: it is much cheaper to wrap your gifts with one piece of wrapping paper than to buy a separate bag for each piece. And more environmentally conscious!

When does Christmas get ready for you?