So do your home loan lightning fast

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It is worthwhile to assess our options before you start your home. In our calculator, look at how much of your verifiable income will give you. This is usually 40 percent of your total legal income, but before you tighten up next year, some banks may consider other types of money (especially if you have a business). So, be the first to ask how much your free income is? Look at your monthly income, after deducting your average monthly expenses (including installments for any other loan).

To see how much money remains to repay your new loan

To see how much money remains to repay your new loan

Good to know: The bank can examine your monthly income and your joint expenses with your partner / spouse, in which case they look at the combined free income of the two of you and determine the maximum monthly installment.

In the same way, it is worth counting down how much self-help you can collect before looking at your home. How much other cover can you possibly offer? These may be additional properties that the bank may still accept as collateral.

Then all you have to do is find your dream apartment and keep up to date with what the banks are offering. You can do the latter on BankRation continuously. This is also important because there is no universally best bank, each bank targeting different types of customers in different situations. With our calculators, you can choose the best loan for you.

Once you have the property and you feel you have completed all the necessary steps to make your purchase, you can go to the designated branch, where they will, of course, wait for you to apply for the loan through us.

Tip: Make sure you check with your bank administrator before you deposit or deposit, so you don’t run out of time or lose money.


Please note that before concluding a contract of sale, you must select the bank from which you will apply for the loan. This is because every bank has different formal and substantive requirements for the sales contract. If these are not fully met or you seek a loan from another bank, your contract may need to be amended. This can be a fee. However, this does not mean that you cannot transfer your deposit until then.

You can get started quickly once you have submitted all the necessary paperwork.

The valuation is almost always ordered by the selected bank

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As soon as the bank receives all the necessary documents, it begins to review them and the credit assessment begins. This can take up to a month or more, so be aware of any deadlines in advance. But if all goes well, the loan agreement can be signed, which happens before the notary.

The bank may require several conditions for disbursement, and strive to meet them as soon as possible. This could be, for example, the presentation of proof of the insurance (s) to be made compulsory.

Then all you have to do is transfer the amount requested to the seller’s bank account. At the land registry, the apartment in your name will have a mortgage on the bank, which will cease as soon as you repay the entire debt.